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AudialsOne on offer

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AudialsOne is the kind of program I normally wouldn't look at twice, because the price seems a little too high for my early retired wallet: $65 or £35. But right now Avanquest.UK is running a campaign and is offering it for £20, (less than $40). They call it an upgrade (from radiotracker) offer, but as usual you don't need to have any previous version installed, in order to take the offer, which you only can get from the British office:

AudialsOne 4
The Complete Digital Download Centre
    * Download unlimited music & video from the internet for free
    * Automatic recording of music from your favourite artists/tracks
    * Universal audio and video file conversion tools
    * Legally remove DRM protection on music and videos

--- End quote ---

AudialsOne will find, download, drm-remove, convert, and play from 30,000 internet radio stations, and it will even try to find any matching video files! Jingles or DJ voice-overs are automatically removed, and id3-tags, cover art, and lyrics are added to your collection, also automatically. You can also use the Editor to make changes manually. AudialsOne will save, drm-remove, convert and play any video your browser can play. Audio-books can also be drm freed. AudialsOne of course also handles pod-casts.

AudialsOne will work on Windows from XP and up, both 32 and 64 bits.

AudialsOne works around the clock to provide you with unlimited music & video downloaded straight to your PC. [...]

# Automatic mass recordings of 80 genres from up to 100 stations
# Millisecond-accurate recordings cuts out all the unwanted talk
# Set the quality of recordings – restrict searches to complete songs in music shop quality
# Add ID3 tags, lyrics and album covers to your files
# Output in target format via on the fly file conversion (MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WAV)
# Simultaneously record as many found songs / music videos as desired

# Record all the videos that can be viewed with your browser at the network layer
# Record RTMP-E videos via direct screenshots as well
# Supports all the significant video formats (WMV, MP4, AVI, H.264, 3GP)
# High quality MP4 video converter (H.264 advanced video codec)
# Supports every device (PC, cell phone, smartphones, iPods, iPhones, Xbox, PS3, PSP)
# More than 100 audio and video playback formats in the profiles included
# Editor to create your own profile
# Remove DRM copy protection via re-recording
# PerfectVideo: repeated recordings & quality measuring guarantee the highest quality
# Removes DRM from HD videos obtained from online movie stores (720p HD) on standard PCs

- and several other features.
--- End quote ---

Audio and video input and output formats for the universal converter

Audio input formats:
WMA (DRM copy-protected)
M4B (DRM copy-protected)
M4P (DRM copy-protected)
OGG (Vorbis)
AIFF (Apple)
AC3 (Dolby Digital)
AU (Sun Microsystems)

Audio output formats:
OGG (Vorbis)
Customizable audio output profiles

Video input formats:
WMV (DRM copy-protected)
M4V (DRM copy-protected)
WMV (wmv7 / wmv9)
M4V MP4 (mpeg 4)
MPEG MPG (mpeg 1 + 2)
MOV (Quick time)
FLV (Flash Video)
DV (Digital Video)

Video output formats:
WMV (wmv7 / wmv9)
MP4 (mpeg 4)
Customizable video output profiles
-about the converter
--- End quote ---

Despite an annoying UI, this is a pretty good utility. It also handles (in conjunction with iTunes)'s protected audiobooks.

Despite an annoying UI, this is a pretty good utility.-CWuestefeld (November 24, 2009, 07:47 PM)
--- End quote ---

I was thinking the same thing. Looks like a UI from 1997.

First slightly exaggerated statement: "The interface is almost a standard design; looks very much like all the other programs from this author!" Second slightly exaggerated statement: "Wherever you come across yet another program that will offer to remove DRM protection you are likely to find they probably all was made by one and the same author."

Aimersoft Music Converter, Daniusoft Media Converter, DrmRemoval, Tunebite AudialsOne, and Wondershare Media Converter were most likely from a coder.

The exaggerated statements may not apply to SoundTaxi or FairUse4WM, but for some reason I don't dare to test these.

Aimersoft Music Converter, Daniusoft Media Converter, DrmRemoval, Tunebite AudialsOne, and Wondershare Media Converter were most likely from a coder.

The exaggerated statements may not apply to ....
-Curt (November 25, 2009, 11:28 AM)
--- End quote ---

I should not have included AudialsOne in that attack. When it comes to drm removal, AudialsOne is clearly superior to the others! I purchased AudialsOne some six hours ago, only because of the drm removal features! Since then, I have eaten, watched some tv, and drm-removed 300 music files! It is almost AWESOME! High Quality (multible passes) converting is done with up to 14 files at the same time. Fourteen! But if you click High Speed converting (single pass) it will convert up to 28 files at a time. TWENTY-EIGHT!! None of the other drm removing converters is in that league!

AudialsOne can do a lot of other things; drm removal is merely a minor side effect, but I have not yet tried any of it. I solely purchased the program for this single feature, this fantastic blazingly fast drm removing converter!!

But you will have to hurry up, if you want to get the discount; it expires together with the rest of the week. By the way, the normal price of this program is €60, reduced on offer to €45, then converted by Avanquest to £35. You can have it for £20. This is a fine deal, I think, if you need to free a lot of audio files from drm protection. Well, it is a fine deal anyway! But I need to point out that the normal price includes twenty mp3 files, that are not included in this deal. Somehow this seem wrong.

I forgot to tell that you may keep the program if you don't want to purchase it. With fewer features, of course.


AudialsOne on offer


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