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DONE: automated mp3 rip from video clip

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I can probably whip something up to do this.  Do you have any sample video files you'd like me to work with?

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DONE: automated mp3 rip from video clip

1) Drag & drop a video file onto this executable file.
2) An MP3 file will be created in the same directory as the executable.
3) It will use the same name as the dropped video file except with an mp3 extension.

I tested it with an AVI, MPG, and FLV file.  Obviously, the larger the file, the longer it will take to extract and produce the MP3.

this is quite a cool idea. btw, skwire how about adding a feature where the user can specify the start time and end time?

Thanks Skwire, I will download it now and try it.
I was mainly thinking of flv files mostly from youtube!
This sound great, I couldnt find any exisiting program to do this. I tried writing my own batch file to be able to do this with media coder but it didnt work!

Ok tried it out.....  Fandabbydozzy!  I threw a .mwv on it and then tried a .flv   converted both and FAST!
I noticed the resulting mp3 was 160kbps which I think is a good middle ground.  This is just the trick. If my sister cant use this I think she ought to give me her computer!
I am curious of course as to what you used! and how you did it and so Quick.
I think most of the apps out there assume you are competent on puters!  But starting a new app up and finding out about its menus and settings etc is too much for some. Therefore this sort of thing has a place.

I used the MEncoder executable from the MPlayer package here:

The command line that I used is similar to: mencoder.exe somefile.flv -of rawaudio -oac mp3lame -ovc copy -o somefile.mp3

I could tweak the MP3 settings if you'd like (bitrate/cbr/vbr) but I was trying to make this as simple as possible for your sister.  About the only other thing I can think to add would be to handle multiple files dropped on the executable (it only handles one for now).  Let me know what you want...


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