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DONE: automated mp3 rip from video clip

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I posted this in the wrong section earlier (finished section!)

Here is a challenge.
Drag a video clip onto an icon on your desktop
a program is automatically activated and rips the sound from the video and saves the .mp3 on the desktop
Dont really mind what the program is (but free!) media coder, mencoder/mplayer,whatever

I am really asking this for my sister who is computer phobic. If I told her to just startup this certain program and then use these settings and then....   she would have a panic attack.

this isnt really a coding snack.. there has to be some existing free tool that can do this simply.


there seems to be two copies of the thread

thanks tomos, deleted the other.

yes it was posted elsewhere I said so at the top of my post ,sorry

If anyone knows of existing software that can do this let me know, thanks


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