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can not open circledock ^_^ ?? help me

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hi everybody.Now,I am using circleDock and I like it very much.But I have a problem with it: when I open it,it have a error,and I do not know how to fix it.Please help me
this is image of error:

--- ---
I  use Win 7 ultimate
thank for help

  User Perchera had the same problem, I think, see this:
If you don't solve, please, see this:
and report here.

Greetings hondacodonbk, and welcome to Donationcoder and CircleDocks little corner of it

It looks like you have downloaded and attempted to run the beta; is this the case?

the beta needs to be placed into the folder of the CircleDock, and this beta CircleDock exe replaces the original.
If you already have a full version, you can try and skip the next step of downloading teh full circledock
Download this version here:
CircleDock setup
Then install appropriately

When done, and if you wish to utilize the beta.
Download the following file.
Beta exe
Then from the zipped folder eplace the original CircleDock.exe file.

You may wish to move or rename the original circleDock.exe file in case the Beta has some issue that does not agree with your system.

If you utilize the Beta and have any issues, we really wish to hear about them here so Mark can get a fix on it.

If you continue to have issues, let me know

Once again welcome, and have fun ;)

dear sgtevmckay !
thank for your time,I downloaded setupcircleDock,reinstalled.but it has happen this error. I do not why. I download beta vertion and run,and it also has the same error. But when I run alpha version and it run ok
So,if I use alpha version,how I can run it when window star
regard ^_^

Are you using a 64-bit version of Windows?


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