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please help with 2.8 build!

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The latest version of FARR is giving me problems.  It will only execute directories by not shortcuts or executables so i cannot launch my programs anymore.  The window disappears when i hit enter as if it is about to execute the program but nothing happens.  This is the FIRST time i've had a problem with FARR :(

PS:  I am using winxp SP3 with litestep shell replacement.   

There is also some kind of memory leak as i've seen FARR using over 40MB of RAM!

New version (2.80.02) uploaded, please try it and let me know if the launching is fixed.

Thank you!   I can launch programs again and so far the memory leak looks fixed!   I am truly lost with my FARR!!!

thank you for the prompt report about the problem, glad i fixed it and sorry for the trouble.


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