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Request: Blank Icon/separator


Hi, Mark.
 Can you add a blank icon or separetor?
A simple blank icon without label or click.
A separator could be a user image which you can choose in setting windows.

p.s. For the CD arg option to choose settings dir?

Thanks for your suggestions! Right now I'm concentrating on getting version 1.00 finished and released.


Let me deal with the point about separators. Separators, which are normally horizontal lines for menus and vertical lines for docks, act as visual clues for the boundaries of groups of similar items.  There is less, or no, need for separators on non-linear docks since the items are off-set from each other vertically and/or horizontally - the visual clues are already there. Besides, if you really want to distinguish groups of similar items, place each group in its own Dock Folder.

But suppose there were separators in Circle Dock with user-defined images as you suggest. Now suppose that the image chosen was a standard straight line, have you considered how the image would look in the various positions around the Dock? It would need to be rotated such that its axis always points to the centre of the Dock.

And what happens if you decide to sort a level of the Dock - where do the separators go?

There are other implications you may not have thought about - such as the size of the separator object - same as a normal Dock Item or smaller?

You're asking me to add a layer of complexity which, frankly, has very limited usefulness and which will undoubtedly slow down the painting of the Dock. I really want to keep Circle Dock as lean and mean as possible.

Your request for named instances won't make it into version 1 the features of which are now frozen.


I know, infact I had thought a line separator similar to planet orbit to link the icon dynamically but for the difficult I don't write about it.
More simply, use separator as circular shape as point, @, cloud ... and blank icon.
Separtors should be like a normal item but without link or label and in order panel it should be the icon with this label: "------------------"
Now It is possible to add an image to CD but if I click It open the image viewer. Just you can add a lock option into item menu to block click and label.
For blank icon is more complex because if I add a blank png it is impossible to delete in CD but only manually in item file.
I know we can use CD folder to order icon but for me It is complex because I don't use windows menu and I have many item in CD so I use 4 CD instances but a friend of mine prefer one instances and all the icon on first level and for now I suggest him to add test icon or sphere icon to order and separate all item. He seems happy so I write the request :)


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