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NANY 2010 Program Idea Suggestion Thread

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This idea/request needs a little explanation up front. I've been an Avant browser user for a long time. WildBlue, my satellite ISP, recently worked out an arrangement with Mozilla so that Firefox works a lot faster than IE on WildBlue. Since Avant uses the IE engine, I switched to Orca, which has pretty much the same UI as Avant but uses the Firefox engine. This has worked out well in almost all respects, but there is one problem. RoboForm's toolbar either doesn't show up in Orca, or it shows up empty -- no icons or text. Siber Systems says they don't and won't support Orca, and Avantforce says there's a problem getting the existing RoboForm toolbar to work in Orca. Anyway, the bottom line is that I've done a lot of searching around and can't find a fix for this that works well for me (including the RoboForm Online bookmarklett). However, I was thinking that if I had the appropriate JavaScript code to activate RoboForm's form-filling capacity (RoboForm is running with a tray icon) using a specific RoboForm identity, I could add a toolbar button to another toolbar in Orca to do this. I'm only interested in form-filling for a specific identity. I'm using Orca's built-in AutoFill for passwords, and it's working fine. Unfortunately, the built-in AutoFill doesn't work anywhere near as well for form filling as RoboForm, and the only way to activate it is through the menu structure and requires 3 clicks. I'm looking for a one-click solution, and a button in one of the existing taskbars would work fine. Orca includes the functionality to define a button, assign an icon, and attach JavaScript, so all I need is the JavaScript. I should probably just learn JavaScript, but I don't have time now.

Here's another one: A utility to add an adjustable delay for activation of the Windows taskbar and other Windows toolbars created by the user when these are set to AutoHide.


I use a wonderful program called WinDirStat that gives a clear simple summary of my hard drive.  What I would love to see is the same kind of overview of my RAM.  I have a widget deal that shows size used, and I can watch it grow over time when I don't re-boot for a month... 
But I can't tell what the actual memory hog is.  Maybe I should re-boot firefox more often?  Maybe something else?
Not being as clever as the program writers here, there may already be ways to do this- but how about something for the codelly challenged?

And a happy, prosperous new year to all.

Hello all,

Just to complete my posting a while ago, about possibly contributing to NANY, doing a complete make-over on my Much2Do program. Because a complete make-over would have left me without any vacation/holiday days... I decided for an update instead. And yes, I know that doesn't qualify for NANY but that wasn't my objective. My objective was to transdform the program into freeware so that is what I did.

So for those of you interested, there is a new version, completely free of nag-screens, no regitration fee or donation required... just take a lool and maybe this tool will help you get organized. The tool does not require you to use a particular GTD philosphy (in fact I don't like GTD all that much), it will enable you to work in a way that you like. I added checkboxes and auto-numbering, so it is a flexible tool that can be used in many ways.

Happy coding in 2010!


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