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NANY 2010 Program Idea Suggestion Thread

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[...] I wrote a program for myself called "Much2Do". [...]

I am particularly interested in feedback concerning these questions:
- Most ToDo programs have checkboxes, do you really need them in a ToDolist?
  (I feel that if the item is done it should be removed, so why a checkbox)
- How could the planning part of my desktop application be improved?
- Would you like to have the day planning available in the mobile app as well?
- I plan 100% digital but I stil prefer to print the items for Today on paper,
  but being green means you should not print anything. Any suggestions?
-Marcel25 (December 15, 2009, 06:12 AM)
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I'm going to download your app & try it out, thanks!
- could I suggest starting a new thread and maybe link to it from here

So i guess for me i like the idea of multiple checklists, where i can check each item off a list until that list is complete, and then file that list away into storage.-mouser (December 15, 2009, 08:03 AM)
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This would fit in with Mark Forster's AutoFocus 'method' which I'm trying (again)
I would like to comment more but want to try the app first and dont want to take over this thread either . .

Perry Mowbray:
I may not be a typical user, but i never use due dates on a todo list -- i use a todo list more for things that i want to get through as soon as possible.
I do like checkboxes though, because it's useful to see what you've done and how much you've accomplished, at least until you are ready to remove it completely after some time.
So i guess for me i like the idea of multiple checklists, where i can check each item off a list until that list is complete, and then file that list away into storage.
-mouser (December 15, 2009, 08:03 AM)
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Did you see this: Seems to be the best of both worlds?


I have a suggestion for a program for the NANYevent. It is for a password program.

I know there are numerous programs that deal with passwords but the ones I’ve seen lack something although I’m not sure how to describe this lack,

From my perspective, we are strung up between two conflicting   approaches to passwords.

The first approach produces highly secure passwords that we don’t “own” any more; we aren’t connected to them, we don’t feel that they are ours,  can’t remember them, and have no control over them. They are as random as can be made and very secure;  but because they are distant from us we avoid them, use them reluctantly if at all.
The second approach is to use a password that we recognize, that makes sense to us uses our name with some numbers or punctuation  fore and aft.. These passwords we feel connected to, give us probably an inappropriate sense of security and are less good that they might be.

Here is a different orientation to password generation.

Can someone come up with a program that would that gave us some sense of connection to the password and some sense of control over its generation. Perhaps pieces of our name and a piece of the site name would be a good start, perhaps a key of some sort that used another familiar name to generate substitutions, or re arrangements.

My feelings about passwords and security are locked up in a childhood memories of decoder rings.  What would be wonderful would be  to have a program that printed out some sort of  device that we could construct with paper and paper clips, maybe a version of  something like a circular slide rule like device, something that would let us actually reproduce our password and vary it. Maybe little sliding slices of paper, something clever and useful that made the process of generating passwords fun again.


Perry Mowbray:
Nice idea. It's been written about quite a bit obviously.

Personally I use RoboForm and am very disconnected from my passwords (like I don't care) but then again I'd be lost without RF, and hence back it up and put it on USB drives etc...

But having some way to work out (and therefore calculate) the password is a nice idea (especially for absolute disaster recovery  :o ) so I'd probably use it to generate the passwords  :Thmbsup:

If there is anyone out there, who might have a good idea, unique, one that is useful and would be popular...  and would like to form a PARTNERSHIP and we'll create something together?  i.e. you come up with the idea(s) and I'll do the coding... Then I am up for that!

It'll be a partnership effort (assuming thats allowed????)

Probably best to PM me if anyone is interested???
-awopbamboo (December 03, 2009, 01:49 AM)
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Someone here does know what happened to user "awopbamboo"? I did PM him for a partnership like he asked in the above post (and he replied ok), then I wrote him a pretty detailed writeup of the software on google docs (which he read) but after about 5 days I'm still not hearing from him anymore... Wondering if you know why he's suddenly disappeared while he declared to be interested in developing my proposed app: PM'ing him does not work for me...


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