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NANY 2010 Program Idea Suggestion Thread

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Maybe I should rephrase/replace my question whether checkboxes are necessary, to the question whether people want to set due dates for items. Persdonally, I do not really use due dates that much. The main reason being that if you work in multi-level lists, you tend to insert items for projects for which a due data exists for a project and not for an item specifically. Assigning due dates for a project or group of items can be done by dragging the node of the treeview to the listview (in the desktop application). That 'assigns' that group of items to that particular day. Hence, I - personally - do not need due dates.

Perry Mowbray:
That sounds reasonable Marcel, in effect you're assigning a due date via the project. That would work for me and is more how I'd work in the most part.

You may also like to go over people's GTD experiences here:

* 2009:
* 2007:

I may not be a typical user, but i never use due dates on a todo list -- i use a todo list more for things that i want to get through as soon as possible.
I do like checkboxes though, because it's useful to see what you've done and how much you've accomplished, at least until you are ready to remove it completely after some time.
So i guess for me i like the idea of multiple checklists, where i can check each item off a list until that list is complete, and then file that list away into storage.

It might be nice to start a new thread on ToDo List Ultimate features.. we have a similar one for note taking applications, but todo list applications have their own set of challenges.

I dont suppose anyone would want to make a quickpar like program thats natively 64bit and not just a GUI for par2cmdline?

Not only is there zero shell integration support with the old QuickPar but its also got a few bugs and its not multithreaded and not 64bit

there are a few GUIs for par2cmdline out there too but just like QuickPar they are all getting old and all seem to be abandoned..and ofcourse NONE are 64bit

I use parfiles a lot safeguard documents before burning for example.. doesnt take much to damage a disc but this is a way to safeguard that and discs arent subject to magnetic interference like harddisks are..



some infosources...

Here's a 2nd vote for an updated, 64bit compatible PAR app!

- Oshyan


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