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NANY 2010 Program Idea Suggestion Thread

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Thank you to Paul and April. I'll check out these solutions. April, I replied to your suggestion at FriendFeed. I am not geek enough to figure out how to create additional profiles. I'm hoping you might lend me a hand?

Programmers don't realize how much easier they have it - normal PC users are not adept and command lines or knowing where what is on the hard drive. Oh I wish I had more geek in me so I could do what I need.
-GrowMap (November 29, 2009, 02:14 PM)
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I'd be happy to help you if you were using Windows, but as a linux newbie, I am not qualified. You probably know a lot more about how to do things in Ubuntu than I do.

Idea: Zen Coding plugin for Notepad++.

Perry Mowbray:
As Sri posted here: something like or better that PS Tray Factory.

I'd love to be able to group my tray icons together in customizable menus, like LaunchBar Commander, except with the Notification Icons & Menus.

Hi all,

I posted this on a different thread.....

Evening all.....

I'm happy to participate... But my brain is a bit empty on ideas.....

If there is anyone out there, who might have a good idea, unique, one that is useful and would be popular...  and would like to form a PARTNERSHIP and we'll create something together?  i.e. you come up with the idea(s) and I'll do the coding... Then I am up for that!

It'll be a partnership effort (assuming thats allowed????)

Probably best to PM me if anyone is interested???

And was (rightly) advised it's probably better on this thread....

That being the case, anyone with a good idea wanna saddle up?

As I said above, I'm open to any kind of suggestion.  I'm happy to write something for Windows, Linux or something cross platform (to a degree, depending what it does!)


Paul Keith:
 I don't have a specific idea for this program but I'm curious at what would come up if you designed an app based on the main Twitter ui look and feel.

I know there are already tons of Adobe Air twitter clients that do this but I haven't encountered a true (not small font, not Adobe Air) program that embraces the ui.

The closest I know is CintaNotes:

What I'm particularly curious with is if it can redefine categories if you treat it like Twitter accounts and redefine Reminders if you treat it like Scheduled Twits. Also I'm wondering if you can improve the GTD Next Action if you replace @mentions with an incoming @inbox.


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