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IDEA: Fly-out menus which stay put


I have always found fly-out menus to be annoying when you try to access them. At times when you move your mouse over to them, they disappear if you don't keep the mouse on them. Perhaps someone could solve this problem by holding the CTRL (or other) key, so the fly-out menu stays put no matter where you have your mouse.

I'm afraid this probably isn't possible to do on a system wide basis, but i agree with you and it actually is a kind of nice idea -- maybe the operating system designers can listen to you next time :)

The windows shell replacement Blackbox has this feature.  It is present in all forks and builds.  Essentially any fly out menu (and submenus) can be pinned by click the menu title.  To make it go away, click it again.

Learn more about Blackbox for Windows here.


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