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Problem - Hotstring is typing each letter of string - How to stop?


Recently moved to a new PC, but have made zero changes to
the scripts for my hotstrings.

When entering a shortcut i.e. !s:: to initiate a hotstring,
the hotstring is entered into whatever editor or data field that
I might be working in. However, it is showing each line as if it
is being typed manually - very quickly, but not instantaneously
as on the previous PC. I can see each line of text being entered
as if by hand, one keystroke at a time.

For hotstrings that contain multiple lines of textstrings, I also
lose keyboard control. I can no longer use arrow keys or backspace
as an example. I have to initiate another hotstring that contains
only one line of text to regain keyboard control.



Are you using the same version of AutoHotKey? It may be worth adding a SendMode Input at the top of your script(s) to see if it makes any difference (if not also try SendMode Play or SendMode InputThenPlay)..?


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