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Images don't show up properly in Photoshop

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When I open any image in Photoshop, it is all screwed up like in the attached screenshot.

At 200% zoom, it looks alright but when viewing at anything less than 200%, the image doesn't appear the way it is.

Any idea?

Operating System: Windows Vista 32-bit
Photoshop version: CS4

I'm using the same equipment, but never noticed such a behavior. A graphic card driver problem, perhaps. Could you post some sample file somewhere, if it's not too big?

sounds like graphics card corruption, does this problem persists even after a reboot?

yksyks: Sample file

lanux128: Yes, the problem persists after restart.

Here is system info copied from Photoshop's Help -> System info

I tried updating the graphic card driver and got the message that it's up-to-date.
Images don't show up properly in Photoshop

this really does smell like a graphics card issue. your card may be getting too hot, or it may be near the end of its lifespan. it may be something else entirely of course, but that is what i suspect. i recommend making sure it's getting plenty of air and maybe even adjusting the clock settings a bit under normal which can many times make a graphics card behave much better (but also many times not do anything at all)

let us know what happens


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