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DSToolBox for the command line inclined user


This is just a collection of command line apps that I developed over the years that lanux128 gave me the idea to release. This is the first bunch I have cleaned up and documented, I expect to keep adding to this collection as time permits. Right now I have 11 in the pack. I've done my best to test them, but I'm sure there are bugs here and there.  Hopefully someone will find them useful.  I don't know how much time I'll have to work on them so I probably won't have many cycles for feature requests unless it is something trivial, but I'll always fix bugs. You can find them here.

share and enjoy  :Thmbsup:

cool! thanks for sharing these :up:
web page is very nicely done too.

thanks again for making these tools available. i can see myself using some of them already. 8)

Thanks ChalkTrauma.

Didn't seen this not until now  :-[

My favorite tools are
lnkchk.exe to store all new startmenu links from an installation for documenting
and DebugString.exe... i don't know right now... but i can imaging some use for this  :Thmbsup:
and of course ClipCopy (which i think is missing from that collection)

Good work.


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