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REQ - name format changer

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program needed to change a long list of names written in Last, First format to First Last. it must be able to handle a list of at least 256 names.

the list:
Smith, John
Jenkins, P.M.
Sanders, Jerry S.

gets changed to:
John Smith
P.M. Jenkins
Jerry S. Sanders

I reckon you might be able to do this with Excel (or OpenOffice Calc other spreadsheet app), particularly if all the names actually separated by commas or spaces already. If it's in a plain text file just load it as a CSV, specify the separator that works best to get the data into columns (it will show you a preview in the Calc importer from which you can judge). Then once you have it in columns, just switch the columns and save out to text file.

- Oshyan

Maybe try CSV file editor:

I have used it briefly before and it seems to do good. :)

Here you go (source/binary included):  LastToFirst

Paste in your list and click the button.

That was amazingly fast :)
Go Skwire!  :Thmbsup:


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