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I just downloaded the Popup Wisdom program. But I am having difficulty with editing the existing books. Specifically, when I added my own quotes to the "UserQuotes" file and then tried to save it, every time Notepad came up with a message saying "Cannot Create C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\PopUpWisdom\Books\UserQuotes.txt file" --- Help would be appreciated. :)

Are you perhap using Vista or Windows 7 with a non-administrative account?
If so it may simply be that notepad can't save the file there because you don't have sufficient permissions?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I am using Vista. But I am not using an Administrative account.


you have a few choices:

* 1. switch to an admin account while editing that file (or edit it in your documents directory and switch to admin to copy it over that file)
* 2. copy the entire popup wisdom directory to your document directory and run it from there
* 3. wait for me to add better support to the program to using quote files in different directories.

I did Option 2. i.e., I copied it to the dir, and it worked.

However, now it says "No Quotes Found in C:\Users\bablam\Documents\PopupWisdom\Books\UserQuotes.txt" and that path is correct. That's where I saved the file. But for some reason, it does not read any of my quotes.


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