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Hidden Netflix Marathon Gems to Watch Online

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I've always been a huge fan of movie or show marathons, which go on for tens of hours.. I find them extremely calming and comforting, the fact that they just go on an on.. Often i only pay attention to bits and pieces as i'm working -- i often like to have something on in the background while i work.

Anyway, i've discovered a few of these series that you can watch online if you are a member of netflix, and i thought i'd share them, and ask for other suggestions of related shows.  These are all available to watch online:

Wire in the Blood

Damn good serial killer mysteries, if that's your fancy.
"In the first season of the BBC series, based on the novels of writer Val McDermid, psychologist Tony Hill (Robson Green) uses his ability to get into the mind of a criminal to help police detective Carol Jordan (Hermione Norris) solve cases. This season involves a series of brutal murders, a copycat strangulation and a double murder linked to a string of hate crimes."
TOTAL LENGTH: About 27 hours.  There are 6 seasons online with 3 episodes each season, and 1.5 hours per episode.

House of Cards Trilogy

Great british political suspense, from 1990.
"Set in Britain's Houses of Parliament, this political satire follows the career of a ruthless MP (Ian Richardson) whose election campaign has been plagued by a number of mysterious deaths. The politician's scheming knows no bounds, and he manages to ensnare a member of the royal family in his quest for power. This series was controversial in Britain for its close depiction of Prince Charles's actual life. "
TOTAL LENGTH: About 10 hours


Not really a hidden gem since everyone knows about this show; and frankly i didn't like it very much, but it is a wonderfully long distraction.
"Stranded on a tropical island after their plane crashes 1,000 miles off course, a group of castaways must learn to survive in their new home, avoid the gigantic something crashing through the trees and determine whether they're really alone. Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Terry O'Quinn, Dominic Monaghan and Naveen Andrews head the diverse ensemble cast in this landmark series, which won an Emmy for Best Drama."
TOTAL LENGTH: About 60 hours.

What other long marathon gems have you found on Netflix online?

Looks like some of the MST3K flicks are available to watch online:

Unfortunately the search/catalog setup seems a bit awkward.  They should probably add a keyword to the search for Watch Instantly Only results. You sort of have to search a list of what they have instead of searching for what you want to watch.

Anyway, I got it set up on my Vista64 quad core as well as W7 32 bit.  The video is the same.  Guess there's a certain bandwidth it uses if your video can handle it, and anything less prolly gets the "streaming square" treatment. :)

It would be nice if they got some of the TV classics on it.  It's difficult to search except by guessing but I tried a few classics like the Don Adams Get Smart series(not available for streaming.) I rented many of the discs and at @24 minutes with the commercials sucked out, they would be good for watching online.  It's amazing going back to those days and remembering the TV.  Of course if you are too young to have lived through the Cold War(tm) then it's more or less just old Vaudeville jokes(guy who has the secret info is lying on the floor after being shot. Max crouches down to get the info... man whispers in Max's ear.  99 says "what did he say Max?" and Max says "he said, would you please get your knee off my chest."  They used the same punch lines over and over.  Part of the charm was you could see them coming(like anytime someone is on the floor watch for the "knee off my chest" punch line.  Or if someone tries to jump onto a moving vehicle, out a window etc,. look for "missed it by that much!"

I thought the first season of Weeds was hysterically funny.

(It lost most of its subtlety after that, so I quit watching it about three episodes into the second season.)

Cable series comedies aren't my 'usual thing'. But there was something about Mary-Louise Parker's performance as Nancy, "a zoned-out suburban soccer-Mom pot dealer" that absolutely killed me.

Note: Ms. Parker isn't all that hard on the eyes either. :up:

Hidden Netflix Marathon Gems to Watch Online

Looks like a few of the British series I like made the list.  Doctor Who, Good Neighbors, Yes Minister, Red Dwarf.

edit: btw, just thought I'd mention it.  FF 3.6 beta auto updater will update to FF 3.6 beta 2. Apparently one of the fixes is the video.  Netflix is working for me now on both my PCs using FF 3.6 beta 2.

(also for those of you who like to go to TV Guide online to check listings, looks like they fixed the pop down descriptions when you click on a show in the grid.)  Firefox stable 3.5.5 even if you enable both jit settings still seems a step slower than 3.6.  This may be ready for prime time now(pun will be disavowed if I am captured.)

edit2: come to think of it, the TV Guide thing was only broken in 3.7Pre.  I took 3.7Pre off for the time being since I don't see any feature yet that 3.6 doesn't have and 3.6 seems to be getting things working now.  Maybe I'll give 3.7 another week and try it again.

Just pop in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Version. Running Time: ~12 hours.


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