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Sorting of files into folders - need an easier way

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You could make shortcuts to all the destination folders.
Put all those in a folder, open and drag and drop on the shortcut from your main dowmload/attachment folder.

Other then that, what email program do you use?
There are attachment sorters for some.

Maybe this would help, not sure....

Try DropIt by Lupo73

Web page:
Description: It is a simple drop target (a floating image on your desktop) that you can drop files onto to quickly position them in folders of your choice. It allow to set a destination folder for each pattern rule defined (also for folders, if feature is actived), to move/copy them and to overwrite/skip/rename duplicates.
Stealth: Yes. (this software is my creation  )
License: Freeware (may be gpl in future)
System Requirements: XP/Vista/Seven (needs to be tested on other versions)
--- End quote ---

You could also try DragTargets

This may be an unpopular suggestion, entirely against the workflow you have going here, but I just sort things as I go throughout the week. If I extract an attachment from email, I stick it in a folder before opening it. If I save something from the web, I file it appropriately before doing anything with it. It seems pretty efficient to do it this way, particularly since it allows me to remember the exact context and use that as part of the sort criteria. For example I may have downloaded a driver for a particular graphics card, and if I come to it later I'll see it as "Graphics card driver" and put it in "Drivers", but in reality when I downloaded it, it was for a friend's computer, and I have a separate folder which I call "Work" with subfolder "Clients" where I keep files specifically for use with other people's computers. If I sort later, I may not remember that context.

Anyway that's just my method. Sorting all at once may be more efficient in theory, but in practice you do run into the issues you mention above.

- Oshyan


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