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NANY 2010 Idea: A 'polite' reminder/diary system

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Also, I'm fiddling with CamStudio now, I can try my hand at a feature tour screencast. I'm kind of a dork, though.
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excellent  :up:

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v1.0.11 - 2009-11-18
    + Added single-click/double-click option for the tray icon.  (Thanks, tomos)
    + Added popup pause functionality to the tray menu.  If pause is enabled, the
      tray icon will turn blue.  Any configured sound effect will continue to play
      but the popup will not be shown until you disable the pause.  (Thanks, Ransom &
    + Added configurable hotkey for new popup pause functionality.  Options, Hotkeys
      tab.  (Thanks, Ransom)
    * Changed tray menu order slightly.
    * AnuVu v1.0.7
        + Added toolbar.
        + Added "Select all/Deselect all" entries to the logfile pane context
          menu.  (Thanks, doctorfrog)
        * Changed File menu entry to: Save current view to file

This build ought to address almost all outstanding requests.  Screenshot showing new toolbar on AnuVu:

NANY 2010 Idea: A 'polite' reminder/diary system

I agree that as-is is fine. As for rewording the menu, the user already can make the text say whatever he wants from within AnuVu's option dialog, and Notepad is the default

Opening many files in notepad windows is an unlikely desire, IMO. I believe that mass export into plaintext is on the todo list anyway, which will reach the same end, with the added benefit that they'll also be a little bit easier to read. In the meantime, 'export current view to file' mostly fulfills that desire anyway.

[...]-doctorfrog (November 17, 2009, 06:18 PM)
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wow I had missed both of those :-[ editor of choice and export current view :-* :up:

Not only that I had completely missed page 5 here including the latest update
wowee things to see :)

 :D  I added quite a bit tonight so make sure to check the changelog.

MINOR BUG: When using the 'pause' feature, initiating a manual popup with the appropriate hotkey fails (sound event only). When Anuran is paused, I should still be able to call up the popup on my own without disabling the pause.


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