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Paul Keith:
Sorry mouser. I would have added some files but I didn't know the site is working 100% already.

Last time I tried it, I didn't know how to edit the tree. All I ended up was the large entry box for the definition, something about the xml definition, the footer and the log message.

Edit: Nevermind. I didn't realize the XML thing was supposed to be the editor.

Yeah, im afraid there is no nice gui editor for the web version -- you have to provide the xml data in that textarea box.
For tips on the syntax, click the help link on bottom left of that text area.

You can also now design trees in the desktop "The Form Letter Machine" tool and export xml from that which is directly usable in the online version.

So, you can always use the desktop version to create trees and use the export function to create the xml for you.

Ok I finally made a tree form document that I think could be actually useful to people!

It's a tfdoc that let's you create a legal contract between a company and a programmer who is an independent contractor.

I still have lots of things i'd like to add to it -- and don't forget you can view the xml source of the doc on that page, and use that as the starting point for your own similar creation.  I hope in the near future to keep improving this tfdoc so that it can serve as a useful contract template for people.

I think the nice thing that it demonstrates is that tfdocs allows you to start really simply, and just add the terms and clauses you think are important.

Another thing that i did not do yet, but would like to, and tfdocs was designed to support, is add some legal commentary to the different options, that users can read while deciding which terms to include -- that way users can learn a little about what the purpose of the different clauses are, and if they reall need them.

I'm just happy that I've created at least one tfdoc that shows how the site could actually be used to create and share something of value.

Let me know what you think!

That actually looks really good and potentially useful for me very soon mouser. Thanks!

- Oshyan

I've posted the beginnings of a commercial software license agreement:


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