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I know it's in the roughest state and there are lots of kinks to work out and features to add, but if there are any daring souls who feel like experimenting with creating Tree Form Documents that could actually be useful to others, I would love to see what you can create, and I stand ready to provide tech support and fix bugs.

One ideas i've had in mind all along is a Tree Form Document that had all kinds of different terms from the various Open Source software licenses, so authors could mix and match terms and create the best license for them. Though that would be an ambitious project to take on so soon, and maybe something a little less ambitious would be best in the beginning.

Anyway, I'd really love to see some actual use of the site for something real so others could see that actual value of the system.

I've made a tfdoc that combines the MIT+BSD+ZLIB Open Source Licenses:


you should add a redirect from the old url which I clicked before you updated the post ;)

Sorry, link updated.. i'm still getting the hang of this.

I can assure you drupal is far from simple :)


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