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Looking great. I really like how responsive and clear the UI is, with color-coding, nifty AJAX effects, etc. This bodes well my friend. ;)

- Oshyan

Just a heads up: I'm working on documentation now and I've changed the tree syntax slightly since my initial post, in order to make it easier to define a formal xml dtd definition of the syntax.

Since this was made in Drupal, can I know which modules you used?

Since this was made in Drupal, can I know which modules you used?
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absolutely -- in fact let me put together a longer write up of all the modules, javascript libraries, etc. that i used in the entire site.  credit where credit is due:

How do you import your TFLM files?
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I have finished adding an XML export function to the desktop TFLM; the exported xml files can be pasted as-is right into online.  This has the added benefit of providing a safe format for exporting your TFLM trees should you want to work with the content in another program.  Importing is not yet available.

The latest version of TFLM which supports xml exporting is now available for download:


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