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NANY 2010 Pre-Release: Multiboot ISO Maker Alpha 7

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Like skwire says.. it's impossible not to be impressed by this program, and it's polish and overall elegance.  Really nicely done.
Almost makes me want to try my hand at making multiboot CD!

This is obviously not a tool that most people will have use for, but i don't know why the people who make multiboot cds wouldn't be drooling all over themselves when they see this.  :Thmbsup:

MultibootISOMaker i down load this and i dont know how to get it to work i cant click on anything at all??? can some one help me learn how to use this program???

how do you use this prgram how do you get started and can some one make a video on how to use this program and doesnt this program work on make multiboot usb drives?? please like a little help i am new to this stuff and tring so hard to make a good boout up multibbot porgram usb thank you guys

viziare -

It is already there under screencast in the application information above.  I have never used, nor had a use for, this software, so I can't help more than that; but hopefully those screencasts will help.


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