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Circle Dock v0.9.3.0 is released!

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I think I've found two of the problem's causes!!!!
Both when trying to change the VISIBILITY options.
First one, when selecting the HOTKEY for toggle, if I use the "Win" key it'll crash!
Second one, the "show dock when I move my mouse to", if I select any option, it'll crash also!

My circle dock works using a hotkey toggle of Win+Z, but also crashes when using "show dock when I move my mouse to..."

Another issue I noticed is that when I first start circle dock (auto start on boot, or manually), it always seems to start in the middle of the screen, even though I have "lock position" set to some other location.  It also seems that if I don't have lock position set, CD defaults to "Center dock around cursor" even if that option is not checked.

Finally, whenever I show circle dock using hotkeys (win+z in my case), it moves my mouse cursor to the center of the dock.  I'm not sure why (I don't have autohide enabled)

Overall a great program :)  Really great that you took the time to keep it updated for the community.  Cheers!

Hi Mark, I have an idea, it''complex but usefull. For my Jess project I'm studing a system to move item in particular ways, in first instance I create a mathematical method but in some case it's too slow and little practical, then I try a table method (a failure) then... then... and a the end I find a 2 solution, one drawind way with mouse and now I chose this and an other more complex but user frendly using image with white background and black shape. The items are drawed on black pattern with distance between each other defined from user. The user can make the image pattern (not drawed on screen) with many different shape, circular, triangular, star, scattered points, it's no important becouse the program use the black part to insert the items. But it's little complex to recognize the next black area if discontinued and how use large black area so I chose mouse solution but for CD and icon there isn't this problem and I have decided to write my idea. It's too difficult also for you, Mark, with CD?

Request: Can you add "Open file location" on items context menu?
p.s. about filehippo?

FileHippo is currently closed to new applications.

"Open file location" has been added to the list of future enhancements.


i have winxp and installed circle dock but icon are not moving or rotating.i have also checked option in software setting in animation.i want docker move the icon without
moreover on desktop. kindly help


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