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We need to make a present for Markham for updating CircleDock

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We need to make a present for Markham for updating CircleDock and sharing his work with others.
I was thinking maybe someone could make a cool circledocky design image we could put on a mug or tshirt for him?
Any ideas?

That's a nice idea and I greatly appreciate the sentiment. But due to where I live (Cebu, Philippines), your present is unlikely to ever arrive and it's much more likely that a postal worker will sport that tshirt or drink his coffee from the mug  :(.

But thanks anyway!


all the more fun to send something overseas.. if a postal worker takes it, at least we still make someone happy. so you're not going to get out of it so easily  :P

I am on it...Let me see what I can do  :Thmbsup:

Hi Sarge - nice to see you back "on parade" :)

I feel really awkward about this whole topic. I am not the originator of Circle Dock, merely a user with programming skills. I was encouraged to continue where Eric left-off by many here but principally by you. I've also been contacted privately by an administrator of this board and by users who've encouraged me to continue and coordinate Circle Dock's ongoing development. So really it is you and those who've contacted me that should be recognised for Circle Dock's on-going development: I'm merely the vehicle by which that is achieved.

Please don't forget that "Dr Wicked" has made several major contributions to Circle Dock and he's also helped me solve several "show-stoppers". He deserves recognition for that - though, like me, he does not seek it.

I'm particularly indebted to "Rigel" for helping me sort-out the 64-bit problem and he's responsible for suggesting some of the more recent enhancements.

Circle Dock is evolving to being a community project and whilst it's true that only "Dr Wicked" and I are actively working on the source code, others make valuable contributions by reporting bugs, making suggestions and patiently downloading, installing and using our various versions.

It's interesting to note that whilst there are numerous "Dock" programs available, only two appear to have been around for a while and are under active development: "Object Dock" and "Circle Dock". So spread the word people - "Circle Dock IS the premier dock for Windows and it's free and open-source!"

Oh and whilst I have your attention, Sarge, can I mention "docklets" :)



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