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Stop Cirlce Dock from going invisible

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Not sure if anyone else finds this extremely annoying, but how do you stop this circle dock from going invisible?

For example when you click on an item on there, the dock goes away.

With last version: Settings -> Visibility -> Toggle visibility -> Hide after click

Thank you very much

Hi... I just installed circle dock for use on my tablet pc.  Running Windows 7 x86.

I am unable to keep the dock from going invisible after launching a program from a shortcut on the dock, even after changing the setting suggested above.  This is on the latest version of circle dock.

Please let me know if this is a bug or if there are additional steps I need to take.  Thanks

Greetings to both of you:
varric & Drybonz
Welcome to and Circle Dock's little corner

What is happening, by Default:
When you create a new link in Circle Dock the link automatically get set to "Hide Dock on opening Files and Folders"

There is a second possibility to check:
In the Settings; Check to make certain that that the following is not checked.

Either one of these will cause Circle Dock to disappear after anything is click in Circle Dock

Hope this answers the question; If not let me know, and we will explore if there is anything I am missing  :Thmbsup:


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