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Browser Tray Switch & windows 7

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Mouser your the man, so far on xp its been working fantastic & really made things easier for myself  :up:

However, i got windows 7 & just re organizing my hard drives & info before i install sometime soon & i was wondering if it will work on windows 7?

I'd like to hear the answer to this too!
Mouser if you can test it good, otherwise let us know so I build a test box for that.

Seems to work perfectly on my windows 7 rc virtual machine.

I just tried v2.05.01 under of BrowserTraySwitch under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (RTM), and it failed miserably!

First ominous sign was that no icon appeared on the desktop at the end of installation.

Then when I left-double-clicked on the tray icon it didn't launch the default browser, but instead opened its BrowserFiles sub-folder.

And when I left-clicked on the system tray icon it opened the same folder (BrowserFiles), and only when I closed this window did the tray icon  context menu appear -- but it was situated on the Windows Desktop near to where that window closed rather then next to the tray icon.

Pity, it would be rather useful.
Cheers, Tony Austin.

Maybe something to do with UAC?  :tellme:


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