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Browser Tray Switch & windows 7

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I was thinking the same. From my readings if the UAC is to high it will stop any software from changing settings that dosnt follow the usual path IE in browser default switching.

But who on earth gets Ultimate anyways? I went for Win7 Home Premium myself, considered pro but of the software i have dosnt work i wasnt going to bother with the Virtual XP thingymebob :D Rgardless to what MS says it will do, the desktop shortcuts refuse to work for the aps unless you have the window open & active which is just to time consuming. So, ive decided to opt for Duel Boot for both XP & Win7 so i get best of both worlds :D

Well you don't really have to use XP mode, here is a great alternative:
VMLite XP Mode which runs any version of Windows whether you PC supports VM technology or not:


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