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Is Perl still being used?

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Is perl still being used?.. . it was widely used years ago... who among you are still using this language?

I use it, at work. I heard that it is in a fierce competition with Python, but I do not know who is winning.

When I find myself in need of processing a larger amount of text in some non-trivial manner, I usually dig out my trusty old Programming Perl book, and try to remember how to hack it :Thmbsup:.

I use perl all the time.
Whenever I find I have a bash script that's getting too long or too complicated I grab for perl.
When I need any sort of parsing-heavy application I grab for perl.
Just recently I made an apache stats analyzer in perl (awstats was missing some stuff I wanted) and only a few hours of perl code gets you a really nice result.
Sysadmins use perl a lot to automate all sorts of stuff, like I said, the next step up from a bash script seems to be a good use imo.

I agree with Gothi[c] and Jibz, for text parsing Perl is great!

I just love  :-* to use Perl's regular expressions. And I know that there are some other applications that also use Perl's regex.


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