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wanted: simple, stable bittorrent client for windows

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It might not be exactly what you're looking for, but I use Opera's built-in torrent download handling.

I see, I was unaware of these settings. That was the problem, the amount of half open connections utorrent used. I still prefer deluge though, for many other reasons. One of them being the half open connection limit is very easily settable from the interface.
-Kamel (October 26, 2009, 02:52 PM)
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ĀµTorrent and other P2P programs make most routers cry. In the last year or so it's been getting better, but anyone who plans on using P2P programs extensively needs to do a lot of research on routers or they will be sorry. A lot of routers are programmed to keep track of 512-1,024 connections and this includes half-open connections. Unfortunately, some P2P programs come with default settings that expect to use 2,000 connections and sometimes 3,000 connections or more. This behavior, of course, makes those routers crash. Hard.
-Innuendo (October 27, 2009, 11:50 AM)
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This is exactly why this needs to be a configuration option, and it needs to be easily accessable (atleast make it inside an advanced menu if afraid of scaring newbs).

I understand all of these things, believe me, I'm no newb when it comes to any of this. You do have to understand, however, that my router was running DD-WRT in repeater mode, and was repeating a wireless network from my car, strategically parked somewhere between me and an open access point. In situations such as this, it is understandable that you can't exactly torrent things. If you do need to use a torrent (some places force it now, such as world of warcraft updates [since, obviously, they could not afford the bandwidth it would cost to patch all of their clients :huh:], and various "open sores" projects), the default settings murder your router and internet connection. That doesn't really make much sense to me.

But from my experience (and what I've read) it basically comes down to stability vs features. Tomato is the more stable product. DD-WRT has more built-in functionality.
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I completely disagree, actually. DD-WRT could not be more stable when used in more or less default settings. It's only when you begin using its advanced or less well implemented features that problems arise. My DD-WRT router ran for months solid, with heavy usage (including torrents etc) never a hitch. As soon as I changed it to repeater mode, all that changed, very quickly. [huge note, i use DD-WRT micro on my current router]

[quote author=Kamel link=topic=20392.msg182700#msg182700 date=1256790801
This is exactly why this needs to be a configuration option, and it needs to be easily accessable (atleast make it inside an advanced menu if afraid of scaring newbs).[/quote]

It's not as bad as it used to be. A lot of P2P programs are setting more sane defaults in recent versions, but the only way to get those when you've been using a program for a lot of months (or years) is to wipe your config & re-configure for scratch letting the set-up wizard inject those new safe settings into your new configuration. Otherwise you have to take your fate into your own hands & tweak by hand.

New, Beta, for Firefox on Windows - Wyzo:

wanted: simple, stable bittorrent client for windows

I almost never use bit-torrents, so I have not tried this one either.

Do we know what's in the compiled code in those addons? I'm always a little suspicious of addons that can't do what they need to with XUL and/or XPCOM.



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