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wanted: simple, stable bittorrent client for windows

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(Ewwww, BT crap...)

µTorrent is rather bloated, compared to other clients.
+1 for Halite.

Deluge also seems to be fine, but I haven't ever managed to make it work here.

Carol Haynes:
uTorrent works fine here. Simple to use - just install and go. Works well with PNP capable routers without the need for setting up rules to open ports.

utorrent? bloated? How?

+1 for utorrent. Fast, small, stable and easy to use. I know it does not cheat because the second I adjust my upload rate my download rate gets exponentially better.

It's µ, not u. And did you compare it to Halite? Much more stuff in it. "Bloated".
Additionally, µTorrent is known for unfair behavior...

For casual use, and when I'm in Opera already, I find it perfectly OK.
Otherwise, I use µTorrent. Never had a problem with it.


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