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wanted: simple, stable bittorrent client for windows

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I often download large files, like iso images, via FTP that are also available via bittorrent. Things like linux distros and such. I have an virtual machine with Windows XP that runs for the sole purpose of doing things like downloading large files, uploading large files, compressing archives, synchronizing directories, etc. I would like to add a simple and stable bittorrent client to it so it can also grab (and share) stuff in the background.

I've heard of µTorrent, but hear that it "cheats" (which I don't want to do) and the original BitTorrent, but I hear that it has commercial crapware embedded (if it does, I don't want it) and Vuze/Azuerus, but I don't want to install Java just for that.

I don't do much torrenting, so nothing elaborate and feature rich is required (but is not a reason to not use it if it's good).

Whatall to youall suggest?

I've heard of µTorrent, but hear that it "cheats" (which I don't want to do)-tinjaw (October 25, 2009, 03:29 PM)
--- End quote ---

Hmmm...are you certain it was uTorrent and not BitComet?

I just use one of the Opera torrent widgets. I'm not on my own computer at the moment, so can't post a link to the one I use, but later today will check and post it here. At any rate, it's been great! I tried using whatever Vuze (formerly Azeurus), but didn't like it.

In what way is µTorrent supposed to cheat? I'm very happy with it as my torrent client, and it's a client that's recommended on certain torrent sites as well. Not that I know much about this sort of technology except µTorrent works for me :-[

The private trackers I know only recommend two clients, Azureus and µTorrent, so I'm sure µTorrent doesn't cheat, otherwise it would be banned.

µTorrent is my main recommendation. It never failed to me, even with a bunch of torrents going at the same time. Plus it has some other niceties that may be interesting to you, like the RSS Downloader, indispensable for certain "recursive" jobs :-P

The other client worth recommending is Halite, by DC's own Eóin. It has less bells and whistles, but it retains most of the functionality, including torrent stats ;D

Maybe Deluge might catch your eye as well, although it looked like crap under Windows last time I used it. Azureus is bloated to no end, with tons of things you probably won't need. Plus it's written in Java. Opera would be the ultimate no frills torrent client, but I don't know how it performs with more than one torrent being downloaded. Finally, there are a few extensions for Firefox that add BitTorrent support, as some download managers that support the protocol, like FlashGet or Free Download Manager.

And there's no much else, frankly, the market for pure BitTorrent clients in Windows is a small one, most clients have not been updated in years, or have serious problems, either they cheat or they are stuffed with spyware.


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