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DONE: Group files from within folders

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With sort on Filename or Path column, the upper list view sorts files and folders mixed. That results in a quite cluttered list sometimes.

Would it be possible to sort folders and files separately - folders first and then the files?

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v1.1.0 - 2010-07-10
    * When selecting a folder in the tree, folders are now added at the top of
      the upper listview instead of being interspersed with the files.  Sorting
      with the column headers will still intersperse the two. (Thanks, Lesmo16)

Thanks a lot! :up:

Love it thanx, did a review of it on my site (
One thing I mentioned in the review is that any filtering must be done before files are added (?) but since the filter button is on the right it can get confusing and not go with a left to right flow.

Thanks for the review, rgdot, I appreciate it.   :D


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