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What's your favorite launch bar? Your favorite features? Missing Features?

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GroupBar is sooo nice!
It's just a shame it's sooo buggy to.. :(
But it's a very interesting concept, i think it deserves much attention!
Isn't there another program similar to GroupBar? (one that really works? ;) )

nice find! i never heard of that before.  definitely useful to study for inspiration.

Isn't there another program similar to GroupBar? (one that really works? ;) )
-jgpaiva (January 29, 2006, 05:35 AM)
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Well, there is a free program called DeskLoops ( which is somehow similar (in that it lets you remember open windows). It is actually a strange but interesting concept (you can see a demo on their website).

Also, there is also a little free program that allows you to reorder the programs in the windows taskbar, called TaskBar++ ( The website is in Japanese but I've seen this program recommended in downloadsquad, I believe. It is not directly related to the "launchbar" but I thought it might interst you guys as well.

The thing that I really like about GroupBar is that you can put windows together and treat them as a unit. The thing I dislike the most is that it does not integrate the system tray, and thus you cannot get rid of the default windows task bar. But the concept is very neat.

Still off-topic but relevant to the current disco: Fungustabs
Okay, we all know what a tab is, right? So what fungusTabs does is place a tab on the outside of each main, or top-level window. You may then group the tabs together to form tab sets. What a tab set does is present all of its windows in a familiar bar of tabs, one tab for each window in that tab set group. In addition, only the tab set's active window is shown; all of its non-active windows are moved off of the desktop. What you end up with is a desktop with fewer windows displayed but with ready access to them all.
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I'm trying it right now...

Magic Speller:
Great thread, guys. It's going to take me some time to digest it all, but....

I'd just like to add my voice to those who mentioned Find and Run Robot. Wow! I also find myself using desktop, start menu, and other access methods less and less now that I have F&RR. Great job, Mouser!


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