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Circle Dock v0.9.2.7 is now released!

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Nothing, the exe don't work, same error. A user open a thread on these problem, we can converse there:
Maybe I find the error, in this new version there aren't some file:
and the oldest are not compatible.

Thanks For the update, =P i noticed the "up folder feature" like 2 minutes after my first post its just what i needed evertithig its working great now, btw , does any one have the source code for the right + left click script?

With the old portable version, it used to be possible to run multiple instances by using multiple folders. Hotkeys needed to be configured differently, of course, but they did work happily enough since all the settings were contained in their own folder.
-Dormouse (October 25, 2009, 01:01 PM)
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Okay, okay, I give in!

Effective from the next release ( Circle Dock will again support multi-instance - and do it properly!

You won't be able to start a second instance from the same directory as the first: Circle Dock will detect that and, if necessary, unhide the first instance. This means you will have to have completely separate folders for each instance you intend to run.

Each instance is notified when another instance starts (and quits). This allows each instance to update the caption bar of its dialogs as well as its Taskbar icon so that you know exactly which instance you're currently accessing.

I've tried to make this as user-friendly as I can whilst protecting the program's - and your data's - integrity.



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