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Many background and and CircleDock Clone

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First of all, if you and Rigel wish to converse in Italian, could you please do it off the Forum, by means of PMs or email. Thanks!

ma dice che è un'idea originale"
"but it says it is an original idea"-ciano (February 10, 2010, 10:22 AM)
--- End quote ---

When Circle Dock was first released, some 3 years ago, taken as a whole it was a unique idea and the program remains the original Circular Dock for Windows. It is true that Orbit Dock pre-dates Circle Dock but it was severely lacking in features, buggy and abandoned.

"C'è solo un vero Circle Dock e l'hai trovato".
"There is only one true Circle Dock and you found it."
--- End quote ---

Yes and we stand by that statement for reasons given above.

You go on to say that you've tried and don't like the manner in which the program operates. That's fair enough and I commend you for writing a program that works the way you want it. However, in defence of Circle Dock, I'm bound to say that with one download every second, "our" way must have some popular appeal

Hai scritto che man mano consigliavi delle idee su come migliorare la dock, sarei felice se potessi farlo anche per la mia!
You wrote that you have suggested ideas on how to improve the dock, I would be happy if I could do it for mine!
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Yes, well he might - but not on this Forum please!


Excuse me, Mark I write in Italian becouse my language have many shadings and we must tell precisely and in this case I need to excuse in case of misunderstanding. I ask to all forum users to excuse me for italian post problem and I pray the two programmer to not start a useless quarrel, the past is the past and we interest in the future. CD e CianoDock are different, "same" shape but different in the way they operate, we can see at the antipodes. Excuse me Ciano, I already try your circulare dock but is too far from my ideas and suggestions, I say this not to express position pro or versus an application but for my internal operation mode of my mind.

I can cope with posts in Italian, even if it does mean having to take them to Google, although English is certainly easier for me.
I do agree with Mark that when Circle Dock was first released it was pretty much unique as a functioning idea.

Ok, I don't want to discuss that, I came in peace!  :Thmbsup: I wanna say sorry again if I wrote in italian.

Sig. Lucinao, Saluti  :D
Welcome to and Circle Dock.

I have reviewed your software, and I must say I am impressed. Well done  :Thmbsup:
Some honest Competition for Circle Dock, and freshly programmed.
This is not some Circle Dock copy cat, knock off, it is a fresh concept, and I thank you for your programming of it.

I am excited by the alternative you have presented. I am faithfully loyal to Circle Dock, but I acknowledge that your concept has great potential.
Do not stop.
Keep your program running and alive.
What you have created is excellent in concept and form.
Keep developing and make CianoDock all in can be and more  8)

Based on one of your statements I am compelled to now add a gallery for the current collection of Backgrounds.
Let me see what I can work up  :Thmbsup:

I hope from time to time you will visit with us here at the Circle Dock forums, and am grateful that you have attended us here.
I am actually happy: Most programmers would come in here and Flame the site, the software, and anything else in their path.
You have shown us that this is not necessary, and I thank you for it.
You have set the example  :)
Grazie  :greenclp:

I am curious to see where CianoDock will go  :tellme:
I will be watching with great anticipation.
Have fun with your programming  :Thmbsup:

The Sarge


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