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Many background and and CircleDock Clone

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p.s. sgtevmckay you are a Writer and a diplomatist, the best word in best context. Thanks
-Rigel (February 10, 2010, 05:51 PM)
--- End quote --- embarrass me friend  :-[  8)

Thanks to some Internet wizards of my acquaintance, we've discovered no fewer than four versions of Circle Dock that are being charged for. As they all appear to have been made from the same set of source code (Eric Wong's last release), the site owners will be contacted and asked to remove those programs and, if necessary, DMCA "Take Down" notices will be issued.

Unfortunately such action may be fruitless for two reasons. Firstly, the cloned programs are hosted in countries where "Copyright" is just a word in the dictionary and, secondly, since neither I nor the Sarge is named "Eric Wong" they could question our authority.

We have also discovered sites where downloaders are charged to obtain the product. Unfortunately there is little we can do about that as it is permitted under the terms of the current License. The problem is, though, that people who have paid-for a program have greater expectations with regard to support. I have news for them: if you have paid to download Circle Dock then, sorry, but you have no greater rights to support than anyone else.



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