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Wrong mouse pointer on second screen - WinXP SP2, nVidia, dual screen


A curious little issue has arisen on my machine since my most recent reinstall of WinXP.

If I change screen resolution, the mouse pointer starts using the wrong cursor graphic on my second screen. So where it should be the standard arrow, I see vertical re-size. The busy cursor shows as the little hand etc etc.

There seems no logic as to which image is used in each case - it is different each time that the issue occurs.

The problem happens only after a resolution change - most often when I run a game full-screen and then return to the desktop.

WinXP SP2, nVidia GeForce 8600 using Forceware 158.22

Any thoughts?

strange, but no idea..

There is a setting to let you use two different resolutions on my nvidia forceware. Might want to make sure it's checked to let you use different resolutions on each monitor.


I have the same problem (2 years after, solution is not finded :( )


I have finded this solution on an other forum :

I had a similar problem on my Quadro FX 570M.

After switching on the dual screen mode, the mouse cursor was an hour glass and there was an offset to the mouse cursor.

I could eliminate the problem with the following workaround:
- In the Control Panel on the Mouse properties Tab Pointer Options.
- Select Display pointer trail, just set it to the shortest value then you can hardly see this feature

The mouse was working fine again, no longer this annoying offset
--- End quote ---

And it works for me !


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