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Windows 7 Commercials

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Found an article showing off some of the conceptual commercial spots for Windows 7 & thought it was interesting enough I'd share here:

Who knows if they'll actually use any of these, but it's nice to see MS is focusing more on advertising features this time around.

Hmm... Maybe I'm just a cynic but I didn't like any of those.
Vid 1. Wasn't Movie Maker in Vista? Is this even a new commercial?
Vid 2. Personally, I find Aero Shake to be annoying, 'specially since I've only done it accidentally.
Vid 3. Another existing Vista feature.

1. Movie Maker was introduced in WinME.
2.  :huh:
3. Yahoo Widgets?

Aero Shake is great when you're running multiple monitors  :Thmbsup:

Maybe I just haven't realized why it's handy yet, I don't use multiple monitors any more though. Can you describe how you use it Darwin?


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