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IDEA: Monitor a folder and send shortcuts to desktop

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I think I need some help.  If anyone uses this app maybe you can tell what, if anything I am doing wrong.

I downloaded ShortCutter from Skrommel's page.  I'm running it, it's enabled and I set it up to send shortcuts to the desired location.  I think I have it all set up correctly yet, nothing seems to be happening.

I am monitoring a sub-directory in My Documents named /notes.  Within this folder are files for with a the Note application with a .note extension. 

Here are my rule settings:
Active (Checked)
Source (path to My Documents/Notes)
Target (path to Desktop folder)
Files (*.note)
Ignore (_NULL_)
Recruse? (Yes)

The main application options are:
Timer (20 Seconds)
Delay (5ms -default value)
Status | Show status in the tray (Checked)
Startup | Start enabled (Checked)

These are the logical values for these settings. At least they are logical to me.  I do find that sometimes, I run on a different definition of logical than the rest of the world.

I hope someone can help as this application is (I think) exactly what I need.

P.S.  Does Skrommel still hang at DC?  I noticed on his profile page it has been a while since his last visit.  Just curious.



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