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Custom Icons in StandaloneStack - How do I do it?


I'm having a good time playing with Circle Dock and Standalone Stack. It works very nicely, very smooth and accurate.

I can't figure out how to use the Custom Icons for Standalone Stack. I am using StandaloneStack2.exe. I have the "Use custom icons" option checked. But...

* I don't know what to name the subdirectory - "Custom Icons" or the same name as my stack.
* I'm not sure where to put it -In the folder with StandaloneStack2.exe is or in the stack folder?
* And I'm not sure what to name the png files. For instance, if I have a file named "Daily Schedule.xls", is the png named "Daily Schedule.png" or ".xls.png"?
Nothing I've tried has worked yet. Thanks for helping me figure this out.


I am sorry to say that I do not use the stacks Option and I am currently restarting the tutorial I started back in April (March?), I have not gotten to this function as of yet.

So I am instantly no help, but hopefully some of the folks that do use eh stacks will be by to help.

Have Faith friend, some one will help  :Thmbsup:

I am not sure if you have this screen or not because I am not extremely familiar with standalonestack but it may be helpful

Thanks rgdot, that helps me some. For some reason that screen (Settings>Options) left off the word "images" on my installation?? Now I have some more possibilities to play with.

rgdot's reply really worked for me.

The Images folder goes in the same "Miscellaneous" folder as StandaloneStack2.exe (C:\Program Files\Circle Dock\System\Miscellaneous\Images). Since my Stack folder was all shortcut links, I named the PNG files the same as the documents or programs, and voila, pretty, bright, clear icons in my stack grid. I did try the ".[extension].png" method of showing the PNG files too, and that worked, but as I said, all of my stack were *.lnk so that wasn't useful for me.


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