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What books are you reading?

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@panzer, are you posting all these books just because they're free?
If so, there is a free ebooks thread here on dc: Free eBooks.

Oobviously if you're reading them as you go along, this is also the correct thread to post in ;-)

I didn't know this. I wont post here anymore ...

Designing Tube Preamps for Guitar and Bass, 2nd Edition by Merlin Blencoe.

Rereading this one. I've been getting back into music electronics as part of my career retooling effort. This is probably the best single book I've ever found on those little high-voltage wonders that make guitars and basses sing. Highly recommended.

What books are you reading?

For recreation (if you're a Mythos fan) Apotheosis: Stories of Human Survival After The Rise of The Elder Gods edited by Jason Andrew.

Cthulhu fans know that when the stars are right and the Big Squid arises from his nap, it's curtains for humanity and the planet Earth. Or is it? An anthology of 17 stories by new authors that explore what things might be like for the survivors of the wrath of Cthulhu and his minions. All are enjoyable reads, and a few are both surprisingly original and satisfyingly creepy.

I've been grabbing a lot of these throw away entertainment type books (i.e. mystery, horror, lightweight scifi, etc.) on Kindle following notifications from BookBub. At $0.99-$1.99 each you can't go wrong. And if you do go wrong (Lovecraft inspired fiction being what it is because not every author "gets" why Lovecraft works) you're not kicking yourself for dropping $16 on paper and only having one or two good stories to show for it. If anybody is an avid reader who can live with ebooks, BookBub is definitely something you want to visit and sign up for their daily notifications.

Simply Einstein: Relativity Demystified by Richard Wolfson

The Perfect Theory: A Century of Geniuses and the Battle over General Relativity by Prof. Pedro G. Ferreira

just continuing my physics education..


Includes Mrs. Miller's strategy for reading War and Peace, "the only book you'll ever need:"
SpoilerFive-point plan for anyone thinking of taking this book on:

1. Read fifty pages a day. N.B. the Millers both commute by rail, so have a fair amount of dead time to fill][/i]
2. Utilise the list of principal characters at the front.
3. Pay attention! Soon you'll discover that Tolstoy is doing the heavy lifting for you.
4. Don't fret if you are not enjoying the Peace, there will be a bit of War along shortly.
5. When you get to the end, read it again.

Preferred translations, in order:
(1) Louise and Aylmer Maude
(2) Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky
(3) Rosemary Edmonds
Avoid Constance Garnet - "prissy"


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