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What books are you reading?

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(Numbering might change in the future!)        : )
I'm starting to get back into my old Buddhist training.
Round 1A1's set is Zen.

1A1 - a: Book of Serenity - (The slightly less well known of the two famous collections) ... because on day 1 of my new beginner multicultural meditation class our teacher tossed out #9 Nanquan's cat. I both missed it having not read that tome, and missed any remotely interesting answer because of 20 years of rust!

But back in the day, in my good job, I built a pretty good private library (including Buddhism), so I found it pretty fast - I figured:
"Okay, I have two tomes of the famous koans. Either he picked one of those, and since I only glanced at a few out of 200, sure he could have found one I hadn't seen. Or, he could have found an ultra obscure one, at which point I get to ask him why that one?" But yes/no, it was there - Nanquan's Cat, Book of Serenity #9.

1A1 - b: Blue Cliff Record - The "slightly more well known of the two collections".

1A1 - c: Compass of Zen by Seung Sahn. A "more modern" take on the overlap of Indian classical Buddhism and zen, but with a few modern teachings that clarify some sticky points.

More sets to come later!

Countdown to Zero Day
The Inside Story of How Stuxnet Was Discovered.
I haven't read it yet, as it just came out today and I'm going to wait for the price to drop a little more, but seems like a fascinating read, and the Amazon link where it's #1 in two categories and #2 in another, includes a recommendation by Kevin Mitnik.

Update: excerpt 'adapted from the ^book'; please go here:
quote: "Son of Stuxnet - The Digital Hunt for Duqu"; "This wasn’t a simple hack anymore; it looked like it might be a nation-state attack with national-security implications."

I am about to read "Charisma +1: The Guide to Convention Etiquette for Gamers, Geeks & the Socially Awkward" by Jessica Brawner.

In D&D there are certain attributes you start with, just as in life there are certain things you’re born with: Strength, Will, Charisma, Wisdom, Intelligence and Constitution. Whether you’re a veteran convention attendee, a con-virgin, a volunteer, vendor or a guest, everyone can use a bump in their life stats.

Do you know what the 6-2-1 rule is? What do Barbarians and cell phones have to do with hygiene? Do you know when it’s okay to take a photograph? How do you flirt with that cute girl or guy across the room? Who are Booth Babes really?
--- End quote ---

I am just finished a moving novel, in French, "L'amour et les forêts", "Love and forests", from Eric Reinhard, a story of a woman who suffers a lot from her husband who is beyond selfishness.  To escape her inbearable daily life, she has a one day affair with a stranger met online, she is forced to confess this to her husband and he will make her pay in many cruel ways.  It's a story about love, resignation, rebellion.  Based upon the true story of several women met by the writer blended into one character. Superb but dark.

Sandman Slim: A Novel by Richard Kadrey.

First book in a series. Quite funny - in a real bad-attitude way. Not my usual thing. But sometimes we can all use a break from the heavy metaphysics we get for our daily fare. If you're a fan of John Butcher's Dresden Files you'll feel right at home here. It's an enjoyable straight-ahead action story with some surprises and great characters. Some of the best 'snappy' dialog I've read in a long time too. Recommended. :Thmbsup:


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