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What books are you reading?

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I am reading "The Information" by Martin Amis.
Is a book selected in one ot the reading clubs I belong.

Usually the books selected are good and full of question to debate.

Note : Ejem, the reading club all books in spanish, but lately if the book is written in english I try in english.

The Expanse Series by James S. A. Corey.  Currently on Cibola Burn.

Pretty good sci-fi.  Got involved after seeing the second season and then the first season on SyFy.  Very good grasp of physics, even in the inventions and liberties taken.

But got interrupted by the new Mitch Rapp book, Enemy of the State.

Kyle Mills seemed to reach his stride in the last book, so I've been looking forward to this more than the American Assassin movie.  That could be good- but I've already seen changes, so bracing myself for it not to be.

I have finished Fear and Trembling

Is more easy to read than The Information by Martin Amis.

Is about mobbing in the work.

just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson


The Genius by Theodore Dreiser.  Not an adrenalin read but insight into the maturation of an artist.


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