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What books are you reading?

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Audio Books as I can't hold a 'real' book... :)

In between atm, but just finished part 3 of Dean Koontz's take on Frankenstein:

Dead and Alive

And looking forward to the continuing saga of Jack West in 4 days:

Dean Koontz is an amazing writer - I've read his books (when I could hold them)...

He has a style second to none!

I don't know how great of a site this is, but I have family and friends on which is a site that does exactly what this thread is for.

You can list the books you've read, write reviews, put books in your "to-read" list, display which book(s) you're currently reading.

I just signed up on it yesterday, but haven't spent the time to thoroughly go through it yet.

Interesting topic!
I like reading books about linguistics. Hope for more.


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