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What books are you reading?

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Always interesting to know how people live in other countries. I read the book "Dolores Claiborne" writer S. King. Perhaps it should have another name for "Love on the American" :hanged:

Just finished William Kotzwinkle's The Bear Went Over the Mountain.

Dumb as the plot premise may sound, Kotzwinkle somehow manages to pull it off. One of the few books I've ever read that made me laugh out loud a few times - which greatly disturbed a pair of snooty women sitting one table over from where I was reading it. That alone would have made it worth it for me. >:D

Great book. And a really fast read. Perfect thing for a train ride or plane trip - or for freaking out the occasional snob at your local bookstore coffee shop!  :mrgreen:

 :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

What books are you reading?

From Publisher's Weekly: ...Kotzwinkle has imagined a disconsolate Maine professor, Arthur Bramhall, who sets out to write a bestseller, only to have a bear steal it, thinking it's something to eat. This is no ordinary bear, however; he has aspirations to becoming a person (they eat so much better, and with much less trouble, than bears do). What better way to establish an identity than by becoming a celebrity novelist? Soon, the bear has found a pseudonym, Hal Jam, an agent and a publisher. With his distinctively masculine presence, and a monosyllabic way of talking that reminds many of Hemingway, he's on his way to stardom with a novel that everyone agrees has its roots deep in the natural world. Soon, he has a Hollywood agent, too, and the admiration of a Southern writer whose specialty is angels; both of them succumb to Hal's exuberant love-making (since a bear normally does it only once a year, a lot of libido is saved up). A pillar of the Christian right wants Hal's support for a run for the presidency, and Hal is only too willing, since he thinks "candidacy," like most words he doesn't know, means something to eat. Meanwhile, Bramhall, ... is turning into a bear as fast as Hal is becoming human...
--- End quote ---

Ugh, it took me three and a half months to finally get around to finishing reading the book i started in October (Chris Bishop's Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning).. I definitely would not recommend it for cover-to-cover reading, but as a reference textbook book it would be an excellent source.

Next up has to be something more focused on big picture stuff, and less on algorithm details.

Just finished "Battle Royale" and started reading "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". I'll read "Through the Looking Glass" next, to be fully prepared for Tim Burton's version of the tale  :Thmbsup:

Just finished (for the 2nd time) Andy McNab's, Bravo Two Zero,

Had to read it again as I want to read his follow up book and realized I had completely forgotten what was in this one haha


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