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What books are you reading?

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kyrathaba (and any other Martin fans), did you know that HBO are making a series based on the Song of Ice and Fire books called Game of Thrones? It looks completely badass.

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Yep, I've watched some trailers on YouTube.  There's also a roleplaying game based upon it.

Just finished "Dynamic Coordination in the Brain" by Malsburg, Phillips, and Singer:

Big disappointment -- expected much better.  Looks like it was one of those workshop meetings that got turned into a book and no one tried very hard on their chapters.  I happen to think understanding the role of time and dynamics is the big missing piece in understanding computational underpinnings of the brain, and I was hoping this book would be a meaningful contribution to the field.  Wasn't.

I'd recommend Scott Kelso's older "Dynamic Patterns:The Self-Organization of Brain and Behavior" book way over this one.

Next up is Edmund Rolls' massive "Memory, Attention, and Decision-Making: A unifying computational neuroscience approach".

I started reading Perry Rhodan. All of the inventors are dead now but they personally signed this special exemplar. It´s so huge I think I´ll only read a few of them or at least the first big book.
It´s the biggest and oldest SF-Story of the world - written a very long time before Star Wars or Star Trek came up with thousands of releases. It´s more technical than all others showing up with 3D-pictures on the silver books, detailed UFO-construction paintings and deep descriptions of top notch high physics phenomena. This is written technology - others are only story. Very few of them have been translated to english.

About to finish "By the Light of the Moon", which will be my 19th Dean Koontz novel.  After that, I switch from paperback to my Kindle, where I was able to obtain a $4.99 eCopy of O'Reilly's "C# 3.0 Design Patterns", by Judith Bishop.


* Current book in progress: The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson, 2nd of the Millenium trilogy.  He sure keeps you turning pages...
* Just finished: The Assassin's Edge by Juliet E. McKenna, the fifth and last of her entertaining Tales of Einarinn fantasy series.
* Just finished: The Leaping Hare by George Ewart Evans, his compilation of folklore concerning the hare, a creature associated with luck (mostly ill-luck), the White Goddess, witches, and the moon.  This is the book mentioned by Sir Terry Pratchett in I Shall Wear Midnight, the latest Tiffany Aching story.


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