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What books are you reading?

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I'm reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson.  Good stuff if you're a fantasy reader like me.  Really deep, take-no-prisoners type of style -skwire (December 18, 2010, 09:12 PM)
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He absolutely does not hold your hand.  You have to work everything out.

More stuff at the Malazan Empire fan site.

When it comes to fantasy, there aren't too many series that I don't enjoy.
-skwire (December 19, 2010, 10:42 AM)
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Then, if you haven't already, you might try Mike Scott Rohan's Winter of the World trilogy - don't bother with the sequels after Castle of the Winds - Sarah Ash's Tears of Artamon series, China MiƩville's new weird New Crobuzon series that starts with Perdido Street Station, P.C. Hodgell's Kencyrath series, Kate Elliott's Crown of Stars seven-book sequence, and... is that enough to be going on with?

I've added them all to my list.  Thanks.  =]


Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream

When it comes to matters of money, most Americans tend to view themselves as reasonably prudent people, reflecting the puritan roots of their European ancestors. Yet, at the same time, Americans also seem to feel entitled to a lifestyle, individually and nationally, that is well above the rest of the world's, and well beyond our current means. Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream explores more than two hundred years of American politics and monetary policy to examine this conflict. In doing so, it asks whether the current understanding of the American Dream, one of entitlement, is so ingrained that to expect Americans willingly to live in a "deflated" world is unrealistic. This book simply and directly tells the story of inflation and public debt as enduring, and perhaps even endearing, features of American life.

Good info.  Thanks.  Sparks a memory.  I'll try to look into it and post.


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