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Can someone remind me why are we using email ?

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and why technology ?

Suddenly I have some doubts....

lol, I guess for really large amounts of data, sure, that might work. But I wouldn't stop using email and the internet for small things. You could send a simple email and it would get there faster than a bird, at least as long as the email provider doesn't have a fubar server.

I use email because I think it is useful. It does not HAVE to be useful at all, it's enough for me to think it is. And sometimes I am simply following a habit.

I do prefer IRC though. Still IM, email, phone have their purpose (at least from my point of view), have their usefulness.

IT experts at a firm in South Africa said it takes up to six hours to transfer four gigabytes of encrypted data between two of its offices which lie 50 miles apart.
--- End quote ---
I don't think that is so crazy.  It's not that different here.  I mean, sure, it's faster, but 4GB is a lot!  It's not easy to send 4GB to someone over the internet and expect them to receive it in less than an hour or much longer.  Unless you have some kind of special connection set up, this is not easy to do.  If you use you're normal ISP service, this would take forever.  Big deal.  I don't see what this has to do with email.  Email is awesome.  It is far superior to letters and faxes minus any kind of complex sociological implications.

This kind of question is really tired IMHO. Come up with something better or more appropriate, and we'll start using it plzkthxbye.



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