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IDEA: Log changes to registry only during installation of software only


I found one that does almost everything and after thinking about it, realized it needed to operate in the manner it does. In any case it is InstallWatch, Free,


I didn't see this before it was edited.  Can you give more info on your impressions of this Epsilon software?  Have you tried the "application clone" thing or just install watching?

I found one that does almost everything...
-KiTTy (October 14, 2009, 04:11 AM)
--- End quote ---

tell us :tellme: :)

(edited topic back)

Oh sorry tomos and MilesAhead! I figured since I found something I should remove post as wrong bad :p  Here's close to my original post:
An easy to use, small, GUI application that logs changes to the registry 'only' when installing software.
1. It would auto start on boot and run in the background recording changes.
2. Would have an option where to store these logs.
3. It would keep a log of the changes each software installation made with it's name and version number for later reference.
4. One doesn't need to spend an entire hour reading a manual to figure out how to do just that.

I had found other programs that did parts of that and or had 20+ steps to do that (Ashampoo uninstaller- beautiful program) while you waited so long for it to take snapshots each time.

InstallWatch has the option to start at boot up and sit in tray, but you must interact with it when doing installs-  it will popup when it notices an install, then you wait a bit while it takes a before snapshot of registry (drives/folders are optional in preferences), install software, then it takes an after snapshot and presents you with a GUI of the changes, tree view. This will also have all the past snapshots. 
3 entries for registry: Added, Deleted, & Modified.
Search option, export to text or HTML
If somehow you missed doing the snapshot before install, you can take one at any time and compare.
And I never needed to read the help file :p

Problems I've noticed:
1. It doesn't catch all installs or because-
2. I have so many windows open that when I do go to install something I notice it sometimes pops back up in the last position it was at e.g. behind another window, I don't see it and forget to use it. 

MilesAhead this is the first time I've used Epsilon Squared software myself and I'm really happy with this find! :D


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